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The Story behind the TpromoCom Butterfly

The issue of butterflies, if you will recall, involves the
 idea that the flight of a single butterfly can cause a
 tornado clear across the globe. The current TpromoCom 
butterfly is the artistry of my granddaughter, Skylan Abraham.
Butterfly by Skylan Abraham

Web Content & Social Media

The written word is our business!

TpromoCom is looking for companies and organizations that understand the relevance and necessity of quality web content, a consistent and well-targeted social media outreach program, an attractive website, and an informative, interesting blog. TpromoCom can help. Call 330-956-9003 or email us at Copywriter@Tpromo.Com.

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Social Media Web Content Websites & Blogs Web Hosting

We're also looking for manufacturers and service organizations who know the value of hard-hitting, tech-oriented copywriting. If you need help in any of these areas, call TpromoCom, we can help. Call 330-956-9003 or send us an email.

"Let my team of experts assist you in the design and implementation of your new website. Not only will we provide you with a custom design, but we'll also provide you with the training you need to administer the daily duties associated with your new and growing realestate on the Web," says Al Colombo. "Or have TpromoCom do the daily duties for you."
If you're looking for quality, custom or stock content or blog articles for your present website, we can proivide that, too. You can call Al from 8 to 5 ET, Monday through Friday, at 330-956-9003, or send him a direct email by clicking CopyWriter@Tpromo.Com.

"Anyone who is Anybody has a website!"

Past & Present Partnerships and Clients

The following are a few of the companies and organizations that I have had the pleasure of serving over the past 30+ years of my work in trade journalism, newspapers, and associated Web work. --Al Colombo

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Why do You Need to
Be on the WEB?

In the year 2000 there were approximately 122 million Internet users in the United States. According to Statista, a well known source of reliable statistical data, last year there were approximately 287 million Internet users. By the end of 2017, we could see well over 350 to 400 million.

Why should this matter to you? Because if you're in business or you sell someone else's products, if you have a website, it must be a good one to attract and hold the attention of those who share your passion. Otherwise, they'll keep looking for the right company to do business with. Make sure that company is yours by calling TpromoCom today at 330-956-9003, or send an email to Copywriter@Tpromo.Com!

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E-Connect App tool for mobile access to Master in Mind study course on lie and deception detection.

"Anyone who is Anybody has a website!"

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